GemLight – Your Partner for Custom and Sunlight-Readable LED Backlit Displays and LED Specialty Lighting

GemLight – Your Partner for Custom and Sunlight-Readable LED Backlit Displays and LED Specialty Lighting
GemLight® Technologies designs and produces high performance display backlighting components and modules for OEM manufacturers. Our custom-built LED lighting components meet the highest standards for a wide range of applications. We also produce other LED specialty lighting products per customer specifications. Read more…
It’s all about performance. It’s all about experience.
The custom and sunlight-readable display market has become crowded recently with display newcomers wanting to cash in on the rapid growth of flat panel display technology.   While GemLight® Technologies may be another new name to many, the company’s roots in displays are quite deep, spanning over 25 years.
The technologists here were the first to develop sunlight-readable display modules utilizing LED backlighting (2006).
LED backlighting presents a whole new growth opportunity for display users because of its inherent and significant advantages over fluorescent based lighting. GemLight® was there at the beginning, applying our many years of display engineering experience to produce the finest, most reliable and brightest displays available. We continue to manufacture the most technologically advanced display solutions for a wide range of applications. When quality matters, so does experience. Why settle for anything else? GemLight® has the experience and expertise you need to exceed your display quality requirements.
Need a world class solution for your product?
Talk to us and we’ll make it happen for you with our specially engineered, custom displays or other LED specialty lighting solutions, all built to your unique unique requirements. Request a quote today
Gemlight’s Display & Specialty LED Products

We have been recognized for our work in the specialty lighting field
Gemlight’s Firefighter Light Honored as a Finalist in the Specialty Lighting Category at Strategies in Light/LED Show 2016

GemLight Technologies’ firefighter’s location signaling light (FLoSiL) was honored as a finalist at LEDs Magazine 2016 Sapphire Awards Banquet.
The FLoSiL attaches to back of firefighter’s air tanks and is activated automatically as the tank leaves the firetruck.  This provides a flashing beacon that penetrates dense smoke allowing a downed firefighter to be visually located in a smoke-filled room by fire and rescue personnel.
The device passes the most stringent specifications including survival at a temperature of 350°F followed by submergence in 2 feet of water. Gemlight is proud to receive this honor and to provide our firefighters with this life-saving device.
Read more about the firefighter’s light and Gemlight’s custom specialty LED lighting capabilities here.  

Gemlight can design, engineer and build a custom display to your exact specifications.

Gemlight’s display product line is built upon our decades of experience as display technologists and LCD applications engineers.
2500 nit, full HD, 6′ Display

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Gemlight® Technologies - Your source in the United States for custom high-bright, sunlight readable display modules for digital signage and industrial uses, as well as other speciality lighting uses.