Agreement European Union – is the answer to the US impasse in trade negotiations under the Doha Round, which showed that the policy of multilateralism has not brought the expected results.

Then you end up in force since 2004. Period of protection and foreigners will be able to buy agricultural land in Poland without special permission from the Interior Ministry. But now we know that it does not act by the PO-PSL will be a few months to decide on trade in agricultural land. PiS is preparing its own project, which has lead to the fact that access to the land will have in practice almost exclusively farmers. – I think that when work on the project will gain momentum in March and April, again awaits us hot period of the land market. Transactions will want to close people and investors who, after the introduction of restrictions may not have a chance later to buy land – adds Jerzy Kazek. Continued uncertainty about the new rules for marketing agricultural land makes it difficult to predict the behavior of professionals in prices in the coming months.

On the one hand, you can expect increased demand, especially as the Agricultural Property Agency of the end of November tightly restricted the sale of state land. But pressure will also feel the seller, because a few months, a group of volunteers offered to the plot can be firmly shrink. This was evident as early as 2015., When the growth rate of prices, though high, however, was slightly lower than a year earlier. – It’s a drop in selling advantage over buyers – says Bartosz Turek, an analyst at Lion’s Bank. In addition, some buyers begins to withdraw from the purchase of agricultural land. It especially at larger companies looking for land. – When last year we sold the farm with an area of ​​more than 3 thousand. ha, the interest was very large, including among Polish and foreign funds seeking land for cultivation.

Now we offer more than 500 hectares and half of the previous transaction stakeholders for their participation in this thanked – says Daniel Puchalski with JLL, a consulting company operating in the real estate market. The main concerns are related to, among others, with the time it takes to conclude a purchase contract. There is a risk that it can not be carried out before tightening the regulations. Investors argue that the land prices are already at a level dangerous to the profits that can be worked in agriculture. – Well-run farm gives the opportunity to achieve profitability in the year at the level of 5-6 percent. the land prices fluctuating around 35-36 thousand. zł. With the price of 39 thousand. zł profitability falls to approx. 4 per cent., and is counting with subsidies from the EU.

The level of 40 thousand. zł per hectare is absolutely the maximum price at which they currently pay to buy land – shows Peter Sawala. ©? More than 38.5 thousand. – so was in 2015. Average price per hectare of agricultural land in private trading. It’s about 19.4 percent. out more than in 2014. In particular, prices rose strongly in the third quarter. One hectare then the average cost 39 thousand. zł to 37.3 thousand. zł in the previous quarter.

During the fourth quarter. It was almost 40 thousand. zł. Source: ShutterStock Almost every moment we hear about “attacks on banks cybercriminals.” Among the largest Polish institutions there is almost no, that does not come in contact with this problem. But experts say the bank as of cyber attacks on banks themselves is unlikely to carry out, because it is too expensive. It is much cheaper and easier to attack unsuspecting customers. Last broadly we described the phishing attack from the clients of BZ WBK.

ESET warned against a wave of phishing emails aimed were customers of Bank Zachodni WBK. The trap was designed to capture data needed to log in to online banking services BZ WBK – Customer Identification Number and password. The first phishing emails intercepted ESET antivirus lab on September 3 this year. Messages suggested that access to your account has been blocked due to unauthorized access. In the message-trap was a link, clicking on which, the victim was transferred to a fake website, impersonating the one used to log into online banking in BZ WBK.

Then the surfer was asked to enter a login (NIK number) and password. After providing this information, the internet was informed that lasts verification of the data entered. The creators of such an element traps introduced presumably to lull victims while sending information to your server. Of course, phishing is not the only way to attack the banks’ customers. He may very dangerous spam distributed at random throughout the network, including links to virus-infected websites or viruses contained in files. Therefore, experts advise against opening any e-mails from unknown zawartością.Ale one of the greatest threats are experts exploits – programs designed to exploit bugs in the software, so as to take control of a computer system and its processes.

As a result, without the user’s knowledge, hackers can obtain all data, including login details to the bank and any passwords. Exploits may be m. Al. sewn into advertising banners., legally bought by criminals. Companies selling such services do not even check what the reklamy.zobacz also: Data in the cloud more secure, but not all “Android still remains dangerous. On 6 October, experts from Kaspersky Lab announced discovery of the Trojan to modify the banking gugi that can circumvent security features for Android 6 to block phishing attacks and software ransomware. Modified Trojan forces users to forward him the right to impose on the actual applications, sending and viewing text messages, calls and other activities. The worm spreads by using social engineering and its use by cybercriminals is growing rapidly: from April to early August 2016.

Dziesięciokrotnie.Celem the number of attacks has increased gugi Trojan is designed to steal credentials mobile banking transactions by applying the tools of phishing on the actual banking applications, and capture data payment cards by applying to the Google Play Store. At the end of 2015. 6 appeared version of Android with new security features that are designed to block such attacks. Currently, the programs require the consent of the user to apply to other applications, and must ask for authorization for such activities as sending SMS and making calls, the first time they want to access them. Kaspersky Lab experts detected a Trojan gugi modification, which can effectively overcome these two new funkcje.Pierwotna infection using this modified Trojan done through social engineering, usually with the help of SMS, which encourages users to click on a malicious link. After installation on the device, the Trojan seeks to obtain the necessary access rights to him. When it is ready, it displays the following message on the user’s screen: “We need additional rights in order to work with graphics and windows.” There is only one button: “Allow”.

When the user clicks the button, a screen appears asking you to authorize the imposition of the application. After receiving permission, the Trojan will block the device’s screen displaying a message on it asking for rights “device administrator” and then ask for permission to send and view text messages and calls telefonicznych.Jeśli Trojan does not obtain all the necessary permits, completely block the infected device. In such a situation, the only option is re-running the unit in a safe mode and try to uninstall the Trojan – action that will be difficult if the pest has already won the right “device administrator” .Poza described bypass security capabilities and several other features gugi a typical banking Trojan, which steal financial credentials, SMS messages and contacts, sends requests USSD and SMS instructions of the server controlled by cyber criminals. 93% of users affected by the Trojan gugi located in Russia, but the number of victims is increasing – in the first half of August 2016. It was ten times higher than in April 2016 r.Porady bezpieczeństwaEksperci Kaspersky Lab recommends Android users to have taken the following actions to protect against Trojan gugi and other similar threats: – do not agree to immediately transfer of rights or granting a permit when you ask about the app – think about what you were asked and dlaczego.- Install solution for malware protection on all devices and make sure that the operating system was as current as it is only możliwe.- Do not click on links in messages coming from unknown or unexpected messages from people you know. – Always exercise caution when visiting web pages: if something seems even a little suspicious, it probably is. Mat. press releases, własneOprac.

T.J. Agreement European Union – is the answer to the US impasse in trade negotiations under the Doha Round, which showed that the policy of multilateralism has not brought the expected results. Chances are that now stands before us, we can not miss. Negotiating positions of the Union and individual governments should be developed in close cooperation with companies for which the contract will be directly affected. However, Polish entrepreneurs are still asleep. They are not aware of how important they have recently started negotiations. The research BUSINESSEUROPE, the largest employers’ organization in the EU, shows that the wider the scope of the agreement and afforded more freedom, the more benefits for entrepreneurs.

European business concerns relate only to the exemptions announced in difficult areas, ie. Copyright and audiovisual industry, public procurement, agriculture. The agreement could bring considerable profits to both parties, but according to estimates by the European Union will gain more. The EU is the biggest investor in the US (2011), the second largest recipient of American products (in 2012) and the largest export market for services in the US (2010). The value of trade in goods and services between EU countries and the United States reaches 2 billion per day. Thanks to an agreement the EU can gain 119 billion a year, and the US – 95 billion.

On the creation of a free trade area will benefit every household each year about 545 euros through access to cheaper products and services. This may be the effect of the abolition of customs duties, administrative burden and harmonize technical standards. Increase trade in all sectors, which will create new jobs. For some sectors growth can be spectacular. The automotive industry has the opportunity to increase exports to the US by nearly 150 percent.

The signing of the agreement will open new opportunities for business development. Contrary to expectations, it will not be only a chance for the biggest companies that already operate internationally. They can also gain smaller. The sector of small and medium-sized businesses the backbone of the European economy. It counts 20 million players, or 98 percent. all enterprises in the EU. Of these, only 13 per cent. companies are currently active on foreign markets outside the Union. In the case of Polish – almost half.

This is because for very small companies to take international business is too big a challenge. The key to the success of negotiations, an agreement on the most controversial issues awakening. On the carpet is agriculture, subsidized by the governments of individual countries. Market intervention system in the EU, financed entirely from the common budget, absorbs every financial perspective 40 percent. measures. It is extremely complicated, not transparent, based on various instruments, which do not apply the American market. Therefore, in the present circumstances it is difficult to imagine the synchronization systems of intervention in agricultural markets existing on both sides of the Atlantic. An additional difficulty in negotiating a compromise stems from the EU’s approach to the issue of GMOs.

Union generally prohibits on its territory of genetically modified crops and the use of growth hormones in livestock farming, the meat of which later goes to sell. Meanwhile, in the US these practices are common. Another extremely difficult area of ​​negotiations is to protect the copyright of cultural and audiovisual sector. French Minister for Foreign Trade even threatened fiasco EU-US talks, if the agreement would apply to the latter two areas. Much of the discussion on the internet also focuses on intellectual property. Formed protest group suggesting that TTIP may be another trade agreement, which will include provisions similar to those of ACTA. European Commission seeks to ensure transparency in communicating information about the negotiations with the United States, but Internet users remain wary.

Another challenge is to unify the commitment of both sides to protect the climate and the resulting principles of energy policy. EU unilaterally adopted a very ambitious commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while the United States, fearing the loss of competitiveness of its industry, they have not taken even a much more modest commitments of the Kyoto climate protocol. Milder environmental protection requirements also helped develop US shale gas. Americans pursuing a policy of re-industrialization, lowering energy prices, Europe has chosen a policy of high prices and the protection of the industry through compensation. It will be difficult to reconcile such different approaches. In the context of TTIP often the question is asked whether Polish companies manage to adapt to the conditions as easily as it did in connection with the accession to the EU. Preparing entrepreneurs depends on their awareness and willingness to engage in the consultation process.

Meanwhile, when the Leviathan from the Ministry of Economy received the request to collect the opinions of entrepreneurs on the opportunities and challenges associated with contract negotiations, it turned out that the interest in participating in the consultation is limited. Business is asked, but not responding. Bilateral serve debate was held in April this year by BUSINESSEUROPE and the AmCham meeting of representatives of business organizations with Karel de Gucht, EU Commissioner. Trade, and Mike Froman, Obama’s adviser for. International trade. Significant was the disproportion between the participants, represented the vast majority of US companies. It demonstrates a lack of awareness of the importance of a negotiated agreement among representatives of European business.

This is potentially a threat not only for entrepreneurs, because it means that they do not follow the progress of negotiations, the proposals do not go out positions and amendments in the areas of negotiation, but also the threat of failure of the final negotiations. You may find that different stakeholders will undermine the compromise because of their interests. Therefore, engaging entrepreneurs to discuss should be one of the key priorities of European governments in the coming months. European business are not aware of the importance of the agreement on free trade zone between the European Union and the United States As stated in a press release after changes OPF will be transformed so that the pension system in the coming years was based on the pillars, which will include: Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) – a new, voluntary, and private equity; The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS); Employee Equity Plans (PPK); Personal Accounts pensions (IKZE). “Such a system will create the basis for saving the late years of his life (the result will be an increase in long-term savings), and contribute to building a safe and sustainable pension system, and consequently to increase pension benefits.

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