2000-3500 Nit, High Bright, Sunlight-Readable Industrial Displays

GemLight® has developed a new line of full HD sunlight-readable LED LCDs with brightness of up to 3500 cd/m2 (nits).

At a nominal brightness of 2000 nits, these displays can be clearly seen “bezel to bezel”, even in direct sunlight, with no screen blackening.

Sunlight readable display manufacturer

GemLight® LCD display modules are designed with custom LED backlight sources to achieve long operating life times of >50,000 hours at full brightness.

A GemLight® designed LED controller is available for every display module. Typical operating features include: 1000:1 dimming, spread-spectrum clock for low EMI, fan speed control based on temperature and automatic LED power control to prevent thermal overload. We can include the ability to communicate with a remote host controller via a built-in SM bus to report items such as operating hours, thermal conditions, and system status.

All these features will insure years of trouble-free operation, even outdoors.

The superior brightness, color and ruggedness of Gemlight’s industrial displays make them perfect for the following applications:

  • Marine Displays
  • Avionics Display
  • Outdoor Kiosk Display
  • Rugged Vehicle Displays
  • Military Displays

If off-the-shelf isn’t giving you what you need, a custom display could be the best solution for you. Contact Gemlight® today to discuss your custom display design and manufacturing needs. We’re happy to consult with you and provide you with a quote.

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Gemlight can design, engineer and build a custom display to your exact specifications.

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Gemlight's display product line is built upon our decades of experience as display technologists and LCD applications engineers.

high bright, sunlight readable, 2500  nit displays
2500 nit, full HD, 6' Display

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