Technical Development

  • High luminous density for industry-leading brightness
    • –Optimized white LEDs with expanded color gamut
    • –NO high voltage, NO mercury
  • Widest operating temperature range with instant on
    • –Industrial grade (ceramic LEDs) for commercial applications & outdoor signage
    • –Military grade (ceramic LEDs) for the most demanding applications
  • Custom, matched controllers with high efficiency
    • –Up to 1000:1 expanded dimming range
    • –50,000 hr lifetime (to 70% initial brightness)
  • Excellent thermal design for long life and high reliability
    • –Passive and active cooling options, depending on brightness and size
    • –Complete system-level solution
    Ceramic Package LEDs for high reliability & good thermal transfer

      • Most LEDs used by other providers use plastic packages, which run at hotter temperatures to achieve the same brightness ; thermal heat flow out of the package is 30% worse than with ceramic (Consider: ceramic packages allow 30 percent more heat flow out)

    Multi-Chip Package

      • Each LED package used by GemLight has 16 separate LED chips which are driven in parallel to achieve high brightness & high reliability

    Multi-Phosphor LEDs

      • GemLight blends the light emitting phosphors used to create bright white light needed for effective signage and to achieve wide color gamut & a 10,000K white point

    Long-Lifetime LEDs

      • Expected useful lifetime is over 5 years of continuous operation

    •Optical Cavity Design

    • The unique design insures that the LCD will have uniform brightness with no color or luminance errors, even off axis


    • Saving power and making display usable in all ambient lighting conditions

    •Integrated Cooling System

    • Integrated heat sinks & temperature-controlled fans that can operate either in landscape or portrait modes

    •Custom LED Controller with remote monitoring

    • GemLight has its own multi-channel controller to achieve long lifetime & worry-free operation

    •Easy Servicing & Easy Mounting

    • Field servicing of controller and LED assemblies possible

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