72″ Sapphire Star™ Sunlight-Readable Display Module

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The GemLight GL-SU72A display is a sunlight-readable, 72.07” FHD (1920×1080), wide viewing angle, IPS LCD module capable of displaying 1.06B colors (10-bit). 

It is based on the LGD model LD720DUQ TFT LCD with high temp LC material for direct sunlight use, and is combined with the GemLight™ HB (High Brightness) LED backlight.

high bright, sunlight readable digital signage

The GL-SU72A has the same x-y dimensions as the original module; depth is increased to accommodate cooling design, which consists of integrated fan (variable speed) and cooling plenum.  Body thickness, including cooling solution, is increased to only 98 mm.

At maximum operating power of 1800 W the GL-SU72A module displays a sharp image at a screen luminance of 2000 cd/m².  The module also includes an integrated 48V LED controller with variable-speed fan control and thermal protection circuitry to insure long life.

The controller also provides 24V/2A output to drive an AD board.  Interface is 10-bit, 2ch LVDS.

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