New 2500 nit Sunlight-Readable Portable Monitor by Gemlight

Announcing our new 2500 nits sunlight-readable portable monitor – built rugged for the rugged outdoors

sunlight readable display for drone pilots 2500 nits 13.3"
Side by side comparison: DJI monitor on the left (what drone pilots most frequently use) compared to the 2500 nits high-bright Brytee monitor.

If it ain’t 2500 nits, it ain’t Brytee enough!

Launching in September 2022 is a new line of sunlight-readable monitors built to be portable for those on the go outside. Until now, professional drone pilots in particular have had to suffer with either too small or too big sunlight readable displays in the field. Our 2500 nits Brytee® monitors were designed and built by Gemlight’s team of highly experienced display technologists and LCD applications engineers to meet that growing need.

And who better than us?

For over 20 years we’ve been developing high brightness displays for OEM manufacturers of display-enabled electronic products, components, and systems in consumer, commercial, instrumentation, military and avionics markets. We know displays right down to the atoms and understand display applications like few companies in the industry. Our LED lighting systems for displays are among the highest brightness and efficiency displays in the industry. In addition, our reputation for excellence and almost non-existent failure rate for over 20 years makes us the brand of choice for those who require the demands of portability and outside environments.

See our sunlight readable portable monitors on the Brytee website now.

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